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Meet Our Products

Precision is a full-service welding shop that offers welding and fabricating of the most detailed, intricate aluminum boxes, as well as steel rails.

At Precision Welding, employees can find themselves working on a variety of welding projects from complex aluminum sheet metal parts with close tolerances, and decorative iron work that adorns area churches.


Meet Our Management

Jim Stanlick graduated from Hobart School of Welding Technology in Troy, Ohio, in 1978 and knew that welding would be a part of his life forever. After successfully running a 20-man fabricating shop in Califon, New Jersey post-graduation, Jim decided that he wanted more diversity in a shop where his attention to detail and pride in his work could be showcased. He wanted to expand with a more diverse client pool and workplace closer to home where he could focus his attention on customer needs.

Starting his own business, he was able to build a customer base and loyal following that has continued to grow.

Jims hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction has made him a well-known and trusted fabricator.


Meet our Customers

Homeowners, Machine Shops, General Contractors and Commercial Facility Managers all call Precision Welding for their welding needs. Precision's fast turnaround and high quality workmanship make them stand out from their competition as a shop to trust.

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